About Marilyn

Marilyn Barton grew up in Philadelphia, PA and earned a BSN in nursing from Georgetown University in 1980.  She then worked as an RN in Kentucky and Virginia in a variety of hospital settings:  critical care, ER, research, staff education, health outreach, and quality.

Marilyn moved to southeastern Virginia in 1984. She developed an interest in writing while serving on the editorial board of Riverside Health System’s nursing magazine in 1986. The team later incorporated highlights from the magazine’s twenty-year-run with new stories to create a coffee table book.  In 2007, Riverside published The Color of Their Eyes:  Celebrating the Art and Science of Nursing

As a community service, Marilyn became certified as a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructor after observing mental health issues being ignored or under-treated in medical care.  She taught  from 2012 to 2017, helping nurses and others understand the basics of anxiety, depression, psychosis, substance abuse, and suicide prevention.

In 2019, she presented “Mental Health Themes in Books, Movies, and TV Shows” for the Traveling Pen Series sponsored by Hampton Roads Writers and “How to Write Characters with Mental Illness:  Culture vs. Science” at The Muse Writers Center.

Following retirement from a thirty-five year career, Marilyn had the time to write stories from her perspective.  Pulse — More Voices, published nineteen of these. 

Marilyn is a member of The Institute for Learning in Retirement, Hampton Roads Writers and The Muse Writers Center in Hampton Roads, VA.  She attends meetings with two local groups, Tidewater Writers and Virginia Beach Writers, for readings, critiques, and camaraderie.

Additionally, she created a website about her father’s naval service aboard the USS Kendall C. Campbell destroyer escort during World War II.